What is Reclaim rubber?



Reclaimed Rubber is cured rubber that has passed through a Thermo-Chemical process. • This process softens and swells the rubber • The viscosity of the rubber is reduced by shortening the polymer chain by mechanical shear and chemical action.

BUTYL TUBE GRADE Butyl Rubber has several features like good gas tightness, ozone resistance, aging resistance, good thermo stability, inorganic acid resistance etc. Butyl Reclaim Rubber is unique product recycled out of butyl rubber tube scrap. The scrap butyl tubes are pure butyl and no other polymer content is present. Also it is a harder and less porous material than other and has enough elasticity to form an airtight seal.


Butyl inner auto tubes
Butyl inner liner
Cables and adhesive
Rubber flap
Tape and sealants

Natural Reclaim Rubber recycled out from natural rubber tube scrap with well equipped and modernized machinery. Today the use of natural reclaim rubber is widespread, ranging from household to industrial products.


Extruded parts, threads
Hoses pipes, conveyor belts, Rubber Belts
Auto tubes, truck tubes, cycle tubes, Rubber Tubes and other rubber molding products