What is Polyurethane Rubber?



Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. While most polyurethanes are thermosetting polymers that do not melt when heated, thermoplastic polyurethanes are also available.

Polyurethane polymers are traditionally and most commonly formed by reacting a di- or tri poly-isocyanate with a polyol. Since polyurethanes contain two types of monomers, which polymerise one after the other, they are classed as alternating copolymers. Both the isocyanates and polyols used to make polyurethanes contain, on average, two or more functional groups per molecule.

Millathane® millable polyurethane is THE polymer of choice for demanding applications requiring superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength as well as oil and ozone resistance.

Millable polyurethane rubbers (millable gums) are solid polymers that can be processed on internal mixers X & rubber mills. Millathane® is sold in bales rather than pellets for ease of processing on rubber mills. The properties of millable urethanes are similar to castable (liquid) urethanes, which require different processing equipment and molding techniques.

Millable polyurethane rubbers are made from either polyester or polyether polyols, reacting them with diisocyanates such as MDI and TDI, typically also with a chain extender. A different stoichiometry is used for millable polyurethane than for castable (liquid) polyurethanes, to make them solid rubber materials that can be processed like other types of rubber.


Rollers & beltings, medical applications, military and aeronautical , electronics application, footwear, oil & fuel resistance application, industrial tire.

ADIPRENE® Low-Free TDI Systems for Easy Processing and Excellent Dynamics
ADIPRENE LF TDI Prepolymers take conventional TDI technology to the next level of performance and safety. By reducing free TDl levels to below 0.1%, these systems greatly improve workplace industrial hygiene and enable the use of PU prepolymer systems with lower viscosity, longer pot life, faster demolding and lower hysteretic heat build-up. ADIPRENE® LF TDI systems offer the most versatility for a wide range of applications.

ADIPRENE® Low-Free MDI Systems for Excellent Performance and Easy Processing
ADIPRENE® LF MDI Prepolymers provide significant health and safety advantages due to Low-Free Isocyanate levels and the ability to cure with diols, in addition to a range of other suitable curatives. This ground-breaking innovation enables customers to pour parts with outstanding dynamic performance, excellent retention of properties, outstanding fatigue and abrasion resistance, and high load bearing capabilities. ADIPRENE® LF MDI demonstrates total improvement in terms of processing, performance and cost-in-use.

ADIPRENE® Low-Free PPDI Systems for Excellent Chemical Resistance and HighTemperature Performance ADIPRENE®
LF PPDI Prepolymers combined with suitable curatives offer systems with very low heat build-up from hysteresis, excellent chemical resistance, and the best high-temperature performance ever seen in commercial polyurethane elastomers. Comparison of properties versus hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) at temperatures as high as 150°C (302°F) also shows that LF PPDI can even outperform this established and widely used high-temperature elastomer. ADIPRENE® LF PPDI enables the processor to make parts with excellence performance in extreme environments.

ADIPRENE® Low-Free HDI Systems for Outstanding Weatherability and Long Pot Life Our aliphatic ADIPRENE®
LF HDI Prepolymers have less than 0.1% free HDI monomer and offer the best physical properties of any aliphatic system. The development of ADIPRENE® LF HDI technology minimizes volatility issues with HDI, enabling the PU processor to make components which provide excellent physical properties for applications requiring UV stability and weatherability.


Polyurethanes are used in the manufacture of high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, microcellular foam seals and gaskets, durable elastomeric wheels and tires (such as roller coaster, escalator, shopping cart, elevator, and skateboard wheels), automotive suspension bushings, electrical potting compounds, high performance adhesives, surface coatings and surface sealants, synthetic fibers, carpet underlay, hard-plastic parts,hoses.