What is Factice?



Factice is vulcanized unsaturated vegetable or animal oil, used as a processing aid and property modifier in rubber.

Longer chain fatty-acid containing oils such as rapeseed or meadowfoam produce a harder, more desirable factice. Soybean oil produces lower quality factice, though it can be mixed with longer-chain oils to yield factice nearly as good as that made from long chain oils alone. Oil-resistant factice is made with castor oil.

Cross-linking the fatty-acid chains with sulfur (brown factice) or S2Cl2 (white factice) yields a rubbery material that improves the processing characteristics and ozone resistance of rubber. Varying the amount of factice changes the physical properties of the rubber; molded items might be 5-10% factice, extrusions 15-30%. Rubber erasers can have as much as 4 times as much factice as rubber in their composition.

This grade is in the form of light brown colored soft lumps. It can be used in the process like moulding, extrusion etc.


It improves the process ability, also increases the flow in the moulding process which intern gives
It increases the green strength; also the smooth surface finish can be achieved by using these grades.
It is a general-purpose factice, very much suitable for SBR and natural rubber.
It gives very good result in extrusion processes like door seals, rubber tubes & rubber hoses, also it is recommended for rubber sheets, rubber flapper etc

This grade is in the form of brown colored, gel. It is compatible to natural and other synthetic polymers.


It reduces the hardness to a great extent and maintains the softness permanently; also it can control durometer finish.
It can substitute the plasticizers like DOP up to 75%. Also use of Softice in Hypelon maintains original softness of article permanently.
It enables to achieve very low shore hardness hence recommended for manufacturing of printing rollers, other soft articles; also it is excellent for the bicycle tubes.

It is light golden colored powder. This grade is completely oil resistant and compatible with all synthetic and natural rubber.


It imparts good surface finish and improves extrusion process, can be used for colored goods.
It gives excellent resistance to deformation of uncured hollow tubings as well as other sections.
It can be used in colored, extruded and calendared articles.
It is recommended for Textile Cots, Aprons and colored coated fabrics etc.

It is a creamy white colored powder made out of vegetable oil. It is sulfur chloride factice.


It improves the process of extrusion, calendaring and collapse resistance of vulcanisates.
It is suitable for hot cure with basic or acidic acceleration systems as it contains enough amounts of acid acceptors.
This grade of factice is recommended for white and colored erasers, food quality products, coated fabrics, colored items and rollers etc.